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"You're about to leave the world you know behind."

December 6th, 2012

The List @ 08:24 pm


December 16th, 2010

12 Days of Fandom: Day 3 (I think :P) @ 07:09 pm

I decided to see if I could do it...I think I succeeded.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Stargate brought me to Becca and then to so many others! This is my Crocheting homage to Stargate!

August 13th, 2010

The Adventures of the Pixelated Orcaas @ 02:49 pm

Vanctuary Memories - The Pixelated Orcaas


So many things were said, memories that we shall keep forever! These are simply the ones that made us collapse in pain because we could not breathe for laughing…enjoy!


"So when you say the Lobby do you mean up in your room drinking wine?" -Sarah
"But I'm british" -Sarah
"I keep forgetting that footballs a religion in the states" "I keep forgetting that football is not FOOTBALL"-Sarah
"Thank you I'm ashley bond and this has been your vancouver experience" - Sarah after turtle NARF
"Busking is when your sitting on a street with a ukellale "oh please give me your money"" Sarah
"This is not how you play leapfrog" - Ash
"I can't think of anything I haven't done" "it doesn't have to be sexual" "OH..." - Hannah/Ki
"One thing I like about subway is they don't judge you for putting mayo with your melted chese." - Sarah
"Fyi just a panel...evidently not a handle" - Sarah
"I'm first aid, choke away" -Hannah
*Ash saying bye to Chris Heyerdahl* "Would you like another nubbin to lick?" *Chris winks* *Ash realizes what he heard* "NO! THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT"
"Oh she's turning american" - Sarah
"I'm not break dancing, I'm trying to breathe" - Sarah
Talking abt sex and Ash makes woowooo noises then bird tweeting noises Sarah says "You obviously have sex in The early hours of the morning"
"There was an echo in the back of my mind "BUT IM BRITISH!"" -Sarah
"So I grabed the nubbins and went WOOSH out the door" - Lisa
"Why are we vibrating" "if its not my phone vibrating then what is it?" - Lisa/Sarah
"Oh your on my thong!" "Wedgy wedgy" - Lisa/Sarah
"FYI Sarah comes with a Barf warning. Excessive use can cause barfing" - Sarah
"You should know that when a packet of crisps is bigger than your face you shouldn't eat them all yourself!" - Sarah
"Remember I'm just a facebook poke away!" - Sarah
"Hey Chris you've licked a nubbin how would you like to lick an Elmo!" - Sarah
"We were actually hiding until Sarah (@sanctuary_sarah ) started speaking" - Hannah
"Hide behind the corner!" "There is no corner" "Yeah, its round!" - ?/Ki/Wendy


 "Saying u know how nice it is in Dorset to me is like saying to a Californian how nice it is in Texas!" - Sarah to our waitress


"Whenever I hear 'vomit', I'm inevitably going to think of @PaganX" - Sarah via Twitter


"I've never tasted anything so divine..." "what does it taste like?..." "Blue!!!!" - Sarah/Hannah


"Hey Chris you've licked a nubbin how would you like to lick an Elmo!" - Sarah


"Remember I'm just a facebook poke away!" - Sarah


"You should know that when a packet of crisps is bigger than your face you shouldn't eat them all yourself!" - Sarah to Ki


>>>There are a few missing I am sure (my phone died quite a few times and as I was in charge of the list a few might have been missed), so if you have any that are not here please forward them to me and I shall add them on!



February 1st, 2010

Epic First meet with Torri Higginson @ 03:15 pm

Music: Fangirl Pingage

I had THE best weekend!


Look how LOVELY that picture is!!! And she was just so nice and fabulous and is now one of my favorite celebrities! (she was already on my list of "Top Ten People I want to Meet" and now she can go to the "Top Ten People I want to Meet AGAIN" list)



January 21st, 2010

OMG OMG OMG!!! @ 10:01 pm

Disposition: SQUEE!!!

So my best friend (the one I call my Lover), is going on a mission. A Mormon mission.





January 11th, 2010

STALKER MEME @ 10:22 pm

Disposition: heee

Snagged from rebeccavoy 

01. My name (2 pts)
02. My last name (4 pts)
03. Take a stab at my middle name (2 pts)
04. Who am I in love with (3 pts)
05. Where did we meet (5 pts)
06. What kind of car do I drive (5 pts)
07. Where do I work (1 pt)
08. Something that I am afraid of (3 pts)
09. Do I smoke (2 pts)
10. Do I drink (2 pts)
11. Do I have any siblings (2 pts)
12. How many (2 pts)
13. Do I like 'em (1 pt)
14. What's one of my favorite things to do (4 pts)
15. How many piercings do I have (3 pts)
16. Name a song that I love (3 pts)
17. Am I shy or outgoing (3 pts)
18. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules (3 pts)
19. What’s my favorite color (2 pts)
20. Name something I hate (4 pts)
21. Name a talent I have (3 pts)
22. Do I have any pets (1 pt), what kinds (1 pt), their names (2 pts)
23. What is the color of my room (5 pts)
24. Give me a movie or TV quote that I love (5 pts)
25. If I were stranded on a desert island, what would I bring (3 pts + CREATIVE PTS)

70-75 Points; ★★★★★ Stalker Extraordinaire!
60-69 Points; ★★★★ Hard-Working Stalker
50-59 Points; ★★★ Decent Stalker
20-49 Points; ★★ Stalker-In-Training
00-19 Points; ★ Crappy Stalker or New Stalker

I'm screening comments so everyone has a fair chance to get their own points. ;) In other words, NO CHEATING! ♥she is

December 15th, 2009

On the 2nd day of Fandom, Kirsten gave to you! @ 08:11 pm

Where I at?: Mum's House
Music: Christmas Music

Here is the first of my post...I plan on posting more as I finish, but this is just a taste of what is to come :D

SanctuaryCollapse )

There will be more...stay tuned :D


X-FilesCollapse )Read more...Collapse )

And some more!

Stargate SG-1Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

December 10th, 2009

MY 10 things...and a little extra @ 01:23 pm

Where I at?: my apartment
Disposition: cheerful cheerful
Music: Xmas

Since I had asked everyone to give me 10 Favorite things about themselves I am now sharing 10 about me...here you go, in no particular order:

10 things you may or may not have wanted to know...Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

December 6th, 2009

10 things I want to know about you... @ 03:58 pm

Where I at?: Jenni's house
Disposition: bouncy bouncy






(ps. you can also send it to my FB...link is on my home page)

December 2nd, 2009

Jail...hmmmm @ 12:34 am

Where I at?: My apartment
Disposition: giddy giddy
Music: xmas
Tags: , ,

Snagged from RebeccavoyCollapse )

Using only four words, tell me what you would say to me if we woke up in a jail together.

Then copy and paste this into your own Livejournal and see what responses you get.

November 30th, 2009

THEA 109 Paper @ 01:53 am

Where I at?: My apartment
Disposition: meh

Here it is! The paper that got 3 of us *headslapped* by Twitter Mummy because 2 of us was distracting 1 of us!



November 28th, 2009

CRWT 56 Final Project @ 04:33 pm

It was my turn to be ArielCollapse )This is my final project just need an opinion :D

November 22nd, 2009

Rebecca and I @ 02:20 am

Where I at?: mum's house
Disposition: Furling Genius
Music: The Wizard and I

Rebecca and I
re-worked from "The Wizard and I" from the musical "Wicked"

Lyrics re-written by me, Kirsten Faith

The bold parts are my words while the non-bold are the original lyrics



Oh, Miss Elphaba...

Oh, miss Kirsten Faith
Many years I have waited

Many years we have waited
For a gift like yours to appear

For an evil like yours to appear
Why, I predict the Wizard

Why I predict Rebecca
Could make you his

Could make you her
Magic Grand Vizier!

Evil Co-Conspiritor
My dear, my dear

My dear my dear
I'll write at once to the Wizard-

I’ll tweet at once to Rebecca
Tell him of you in advance

Tell her of you in advance
With a talent like yours, dear

With evil like your dear
There is a definish chance

There is a devilish chance
If you work as you should...

If you laugh like you’re mad
You'll be making good...

You’ll be making bad



Did that really just happen?

Did that really just happen
Have I actually understood?

Have I actually understood
This weird quirk I've tried

This evil streak I’ve tried
To suppress or hide

To suppress and hide
Is a talent that could

Is something that could
Help me meet the Wizard

Help me meet Rebecca
If I make good

If I am bad
So I'll make good...
So I’ll be bad

When I meet the Wizard

When I meet Rebecca
Once I prove my worth

Once I get some cash
When I meet the Wizard

When I meet Rebecca
What I've waited for since...since birth!

What I’ve waited for since…well since we meet on twitter
And with all his Wizard wisdom

And with all her evil evilness
By my looks, he won't be blinded

By our looks we’ll both know evil
Do you think the Wizard is... dumb?

Do you think Rebecca is… dumb
Or like Munchkins, so small-minded?

Or like Minions, so small-minded
No! He'll say to me:

Well…? She’ll say to me
"I see who you truly are

“I see who you truly are
A girl on whom I can rely!"

A girl on whom I can rely!”
And that's how we'll begin

And that’s how we’ll begin
The Wizard and I...
Rebecca and I

Once I'm with the Wizard

Once I’m with Rebecca
My whole life will change

The whole world will change
'Cuz once you're with the Wizard

Cuz once you see this evil
No one thinks you're strange

No one dares to stray
No father is not proud of you

No power can defeat us
No sister acts ashamed

(I’m sure PaganX will fail)
And all of Oz has to love you

And all the world has to love us
When by the Wizard, you're acclaimed

Cause all the vids will tell them to.
And this gift- or this curse-

And this gift that we have
I have inside

It grows inside
Maybe at last, I'll know why

And maybe at last we will try
When we are hand in hand-

To take over the world
The Wizard and I

Rebecca and I

And one day, he'll say to me: "Elphaba,

And one day she’ll say to me Kirsten Faith
A girl who is so superior

A girl who is so pure evil
Shouldn't a girl who's so good inside

Shouldn’t we girls who’re so bad inside
Have a matching exterior?

Have a name that is superior
And since folks here to an absurd degree

And since minions to an absurd degree
Seem fixated on your verdigris

Keep wanting to follow in evil glee
Would it be all right by you

Would it be all right by you
If I de-greenify you?"

If we are called GA_GD by you?

And though of course

And though of course
That's not important to me

That’s what I was thinking
"All right, why not?" I'll reply

“All right, that’s sweet!” I’ll reply
Oh, what a pair we'll be

That’s Evil ESP
The Wizard and I...

From Becca and I
Yes, what a pair we'll be

Yes Evil ESP
The Wizard and...

From Becca and…


My future is unlimited

Our inner voices are unlimited
And I've just had a vision

And they just had a meeting
Almost like a prophecy

Over oceans seas and land
I know- it sounds truly crazy

I know- we sound truly crazy
And true, the vision's hazy

And true the message's hazy
But I swear, someday there'll be

But I swear someday there’ll be
A celebration throughout Oz

A celebration in our world
That's all to do with me!

That’s all to do with WE

And I'll stand there with the Wizard

And I’ll stand there with Rebecca
Feeling things I've never felt

Admiring our genius in The List
And though I'd never show it

And though we’d never show it
I'll be so happy, I could melt

We’d feel the evil to our wrists
And so it will be

And so it will be
For the rest of my life

For the rest of our lives
And I'll want nothing else 'til I die

And we’ll keep wanting more till we die
Held in such high esteem

We've a very evil theme
When people see me, they will scream

When people see us they will scream
For half of Oz's fav'rite team:

For we’re the worlds most evil team
The Wizard and I!

Rebecca and I!

I hope you enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoyed writing it...perhaps it will be sung at International Karaoke...


November 20th, 2009

The List @ 04:36 pm

Where I at?: Twitter
Disposition: Furling Genius
Music: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Why We Are Taking Over the World

An Aussie/Would-be-Canadian Operation

Here is The ListCollapse )

It is the reasons why RebeccaCollapse )and I are going to take over the world and how we are going to do it!

Have fun learning all there is to know about Evil Evilness and if you would like to join us, we have daily meetings on Twitter...but you have to catch us at your own time, cause our times are all different!

Phone Death! Time of Death: 9:36pm @ 04:36 am

Disposition: Furling Genius


*formally spoken*
My faith full red BlackBerry Curve Finally succumbed to its slow, but expected death on Thursday November 19, 2009 at 9:36pm, waiting for the Midnight Movie Premiere of New Moon.

While Twittering in the line at the San Jacinto Regal 12 Movie Theatre, my BlackBerry Curve bravely survived as long as it could! Regretfully it could not last any longer, and disconnected radio signal in hopes that it could recover if plugged into the wall.

It's last tweet of the evening was a tribute to its service to the As Yet Unnamed Evil Organization, and my fellow sister comrade:
@rebeccavoy free!!!

*stands up*
I would like to say a few words before I lay my BlackBerry Curve to rest on its charger:

*deep breath*
It was a brave little piece of technology! Always turning on and off when I told it to. Blinking red when I had an e-mail or a Facebook message, "Bleep"-ing when I received a text and blaring out with all it's electronic heart the X-Files Theme when I had an incoming call. Oh, the photos you could take! Phenomenal! Many of them captured me in many of my most ultimate Geektuary moments!

*remembering the hard times*
Our relationship was not always easy! With Sprint constantly giving me trouble in non-service areas, and rarely allowing me to tweet and text in class, but my little BlackBerry Curve snuck messages through, regardless of what Sprint wanted.

*very melodramatic*
Why did you have to die? Leaving me hanging on twitter, not knowing what evil plots were being cooked up half way across the world. Was PaganX succeeding in her evil plots to overthrow my authority? Was Rebecca successfully keeping Pagan's ambitions at bay? Oh why, oh why did you have to DIE!?!?!

Recovering myself I realize that your death is partly my fault! I neglected your upkeep, disconnecting you from your life support too soon the night before. Keeping you from your life giving source, electricity. I will forever regret these moments for the rest of your death, and I shall strive to prevent future deaths from occurring with every cell on the tips of my fatigued fingers!

*becomes overwhelmed*
I am sorry, I cannot go on! Please, if anyone feels the need to say a few words, please come and speak them.

*walks out weeping*

November 19th, 2009

Evil Democracy (re-post) @ 07:28 am

Where I at?: My apartment
Disposition: EVIL

This is a re-posting of poll, if you have already commented on her post please do not comment on mine :D

Greetings evil comrades! We are making great headway in our plans for global dominations, but we are missing one vital thing: a name for our organisation.

Here are the suggestions that have been made, so take a sec to look them over and place your vote!

The Geek Domination Squad

The Official Evil Geekery Movement

The Leage of Extraordinary Evilness

The Allegiance of Evil Geeks

Evil Geekhood Alliance

Society for Evil Geektuary

Geektuary Foundation for Global Domination

Evil Geektuary Alliance

Alliance of Evil Geektuary

Geektuary Alliance for Global Domination

*edit: I was having issues with the poll, and so I grounded it. If you could just let me know in the comments I'll count the old fashioned way.

How to Make a Cup of Coffee: College Style @ 07:08 am

Where I at?: My apartment
Disposition: cheerful cheerful
Tags: ,

This is how a college student with no Coffee pot and no stove makes a pot of coffee (sorry some of the pics are sideways, didn't know how to fix that):

Step 1: Get all your fixins together in one place

FixinsCollapse )

Step 2: You've got to heat up your water. I use this electric water boiler that plugs into the wall.

Water BoilerCollapse )

Step 3: Pick the right mug. This is very important for it will direct your emotional state for the day.

Coffee mugCollapse )

Step 4: Get yourself a coffee filter and a single cup strainer. Not sure of its real name, but it's quite nifty!

Filter and StrainerCollapse )

Step 5: Choose your coffee

CoffeeCollapse )

Step 6: Put the single cup strainer on top of the coffee mug and put as much coffee as you prefer into the filter

Mug and FilterCollapse )

Step 7: Pour your hot water directly into the filter in the strainer above the coffee cup until you have reached the amount of coffee you want in the cup

Pooring Water into StrainerCollapse )

Top ViewCollapse )

Step 8: Choose your cream/sugar/milk or keep it black if you prefer. I prefer creamer to every thing else.

CreamCollapse )

Step 9: Admire your handy work and enjoy your College Style coffee

Finished ProjectCollapse )

November 12th, 2009

HELP!!!! @ 11:18 pm

Disposition: confused confused

Can anyone tell me how to upload video onto a HP Computer? I want to make a Stargate Vid, but I can't get the clips to upload...HELP!

November 3rd, 2009

(no subject) @ 03:35 pm

Disposition: sad sad

This is not my Video...BUT IT IS FANTASTIC!!!
Made me cry all over again!

November 2nd, 2009

(no subject) @ 02:13 pm

Where I at?: My moms house
Disposition: score me!!!


Amanda Tapping at Comic Con 2009 @ 02:05 pm

Disposition: WEEEEE

Enjoy my minute of Amanda

Atlantis Pumpkin @ 01:43 pm

Where I at?: My apartmenat
Disposition: WEEEEE

People have asked me to post more Pumpkin pics. Here they are:


October 18th, 2009

iPhone vs Blackberry @ 10:56 pm

Where I at?: my apartment
Disposition: contemplative contemplative

I have decided that I want to try out an iPhone...I have a Blackberry, but I don't like it anymore.

Pros and Cons anyone??

Is there anyone who switched and liked or disliked the other more or less?

The iPhone looks way cooler and it looks like it has a bunch more apps and fun stuff, as well as better internet. But I could be wrong...anyone have anything to say?

(no subject) @ 09:55 pm

Where I at?: apartment
Disposition: cheerful cheerful
Music: Snow Patrol
Tags: ,

So I like playing with the settings on the LJ...I'm new, so I'm just trying to find my own style...Any comments? Does it represent me? I don't have a paid account so I can't customize with pictures (at least I don't think I can), so I went for bright and mostly happy :)


P.S. Is it Friday yet?

October 17th, 2009

Comments on Sanctuary Comments... @ 06:56 pm

Disposition: ecstatic ecstatic

Here are some of the things I have commeted on others comments about Sanctuary: Warning: Spoilers - If you want to read about Sanctuary and not see spoilers then read my earlier posts...I was very careful not to give too much away...I think :)



Sanctuary Comments SPOILERSCollapse )